Technical details

laundroid is the world’s first fully automatic laundry folding robot. Seven Dreamers has spent over a decade on R&D and succeeded in automating laundry folding by combining 3 technologies, "artificial intelligence (A.I.)”, "image analysis", and "robotics". consisting of (1) picking up, (2) spreading, (3) analyzing, (4) folding (5) sorting and stacking clothes. laundroid is an IoT device, whose software is updated regularly through Wi-Fi. Big data collected from the daily usage of the machine can be utilized for a new service in a new market.


Exhibition content

We aimed to give laundroid a beautiful, refined look, simple enough that it would suit in any living space, or even in a bedroom, for people to start a new lifestyle. You can see and touch its material, for which we have used glass and wood, and genuine leather for handles and other parts that are constantly handled. Also, we will play a video to show how-to-use laundroid.