Technical details

The Human Support Robot (HSR) is being developed to serve as a home robot which will coexist with family members in the home, providing support to improve the overall quality of life. Taking into consideration of human-friendliness and smooth maneuverability, it has a small, lightweight and compact body with roundness for small turn. Holding vertical telescopic structure and a vending arm, it can "grasp," "pick-up," "fetch," and "bring" an item. Moreover, it's safety-conscious design allows secure contact between human and robot in the home. It is easy to use. Everyone can simply operate the robot just by connecting with IT devices and tapping on the tablet, etc. In the future, the robot will be connected with network, and owner's family members will be able to care and/or talk with the owner via the robot from outside the home or to provide daily support by remotely operation.



Exhibition content

HSR is a compact mobile manipulator for the disabled and elderly.
HSR can move around the house, keep watch over family members,
and fetch objects. Our goal is to make HSR beneficial to all people in the near future.