Technical details

toio is a "toy platform" with micro robots for kids with the concept of "Play now to create the future".
toio is able to play contents of a various toio cartridges as racing, battle, programming, puzzle, art and craft. Kids play with their hands to create own "heros" freely come out from their imagination.
The toio toy platform is comprised of the "toio Console", two "toio Cubes" (Cubes) with inbuilt motors for moving around the mat, and two "toio Ring" controllers for controlling each Cube's movement. Thanks to Sony's groundbreaking technology, each Cube comes equipped with Absolute Position Sensors that detect its position on the mat with pinpoint accuracy as well as high performance motors that allow for nimble movement.



Exhibition content

Two types of toio title demo will be exhibited which is "Craft Creature Gesundroid" and "toio collection/Craft Fighter". Kids are always excited with the demos since toio released on June 1st 2017. Do not miss the latest robot game/craft experience!