Technical details

I extract information such as altitude, coastline, road etc. from basic map information issued by the Geographical Survey Institute and draw it in real time after conferring parametric material by 3D CG shader technology.
Unlike the conventional terrain viewer using satellite photographs, focusing on realistic representation such as reflection of water surface, it is characterized by being able to change the amount of snow and sea level rise in real time.
In addition, it is designed so that we can experience Japan nationwide seamlessly and comfortably with VR.


Exhibition content

It is a content that can fly around the Japanese archipelago freely by using Oculus Rift head mount display for VR and Oculus Touch which is its controller. You can change the time such as the sunset and the night scenery, and you can rise through the clouds to 50,000 meters above the sky. When pointing the map panel floating in the VR space with the laser pointer, there is also a function to warp instantaneously to that point.